The C Word

Calories Calories & more Calories

As mentioned in my previous post, I was out of pretty much any sporting activities from November 2014 through to September 2015. I have always been active & have never had any issues with my weight, but had never had any interest in nutrition….until now.

In my year off I started a food diary as I became aware of the amount of calories I was eating & in my case “not” needing. In this time I always strived to eat no more than 2,000 Kcals a day but never really taking into consideration my daily macros (Carbohydrates/Fat/Protein).

Once back in training which varies weekly but is usually around 7 -8 hours of fairly intense training (swimming/running/cycling), I  found that I didn’t adapt my eating to match this. It didn’t take long for my body to protest including tiredness & a lack of energy so I decided to seek some professional advice ( whom pointed out the obvious, I just wasn’t eating enough.

We came up with a daily plan to aim for:

  • At least 2220Kcals up to 2700Kcals depending on training load
  • Macros – 50% Carbohydrates, 25% Fat, 25% Protein
  • Meal & snack ideas for upping my calorie intake in the correct & healthy way


I will stick to this plan as best as I can (except birthday cake) but due to nutrition never really playing much of a part or an interest in my sporting life, it is new to me & is proving a bit of a challenge.

I am still learning the do’s & don’ts & of course everybody is different & I am a true believer that we don’t all fit into a “box” or a “category” so being able to know your body & adapting your diet accordingly is the best way forward.



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